The Star Opinion: Time to sort out this farce

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A GUARANTEED source of frustration is when workmen start digging up the roads.

We all let out a collective groan when this happens, because there’s no guarantee about how long the work will take or whether things will improve.

So imagine how the residents of a Sheffield street feel after their road was dug up 14 times to find a leak – but all to no avail.

Every time workmen for Yorkshire Water visit Dalewood Road, Beauchief, they dig up the street. And every time they leave, the water starts to gush again.

No wonder the residents feel that the situation is going on forever – it is.

The workmen are back there for a 15th time and there is still no end in sight.

This is farcical.

The residents have shown great restraint, but enough is enough.

It’s time to pinpoint the leak and sort out this mess, once and for all.

Calling time at the city Winter Garden

USE it or lose it – that’s the sad lesson to learn from the decision to cut evening opening hours at Sheffield’s Winter Garden.

The council says too few people are walking through the building to justify stationing security staff there late at night.

So, from Monday, the opening times will be reduced to 8pm on weekdays.

This is a shame.

Everyone likes to walk through the garden and it makes a pleasant route on a night out to the Lyceum or Crucible.

But it also costs money to keep open in the evening.

And in these austere times, everything is under scrutiny.

The council has reviewed use of facilities, opening hours and taken feedback from the public.

It has decided the hours can change and it’s difficult to argue.

The harsh reality is that if people don’t use a facility, it’s difficult to justify keeping it open.

Give riders respect

THE death of a retired dentist in a freak riding accidentwas both untimely and tragic.

It is also a reminder to all road users about the need to be careful around horses.

While driving around Sheffield’s green and pleasant roads, it’s easy to forget the needs of horse riders.

But they are riding occasionally temperamental animals which can cause havoc.

We should all remember the needs of horse riders in a city which prides itself on being the perfect blend of rural and urban.