The Star Opinion: Time to get on our bikes

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Cycling and cyclists are subjects which continue to split Star readers as pedal power enthuses some but enrages others.

Are cyclists a source for good, who reduce the number of cars on our roads and therefore cut fuel emissions?

Or are they road users who dodge car tax and weave between the traffic, frustrating the motorists who have to sit in queues?

We believe most cyclists are responsible individuals who are exercising their right to stay fit and should be applauded for helping cut the traffic jams.

Which is why we choose to praise The Recycle Shack, a project which restores unwanted pushbikes and sells on at a cut price to students.

It is celebrating its fifth year in business.

And it has just recycled its 500th set of two wheels, which shows there’s certainly a demand for the shack’s service, which also includes repair and maintenance work.

In fact, this demand has soared so much it now has a full-time bike mechanic and has taken on three apprentices.

This is encouraging news and is a just reward for the entrepreneurial spirit shown by the Shack.

Its customers say they love riding in Sheffield because its hills are a challenge and the Peak District is on its doorstep.

That is good news for the project because it means more business coming its way.

And those who choose to criticise cyclists should note the scheme was highly commended in the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges’ annual Green Gown awards.

The organisation praised Sheffield’s work to encourage more students and staff to adopt a more eco-friendly way to get to classes, libraries and lectures. Their motto is to ‘keep the city green’.

This earned the project national recognition as it acts as an example to other organisations.

We know there are incidents when cyclists have been irresponsible but these should not distort the view that two wheels are a virtue, not a vice.