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I have seen first-hand the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

I have seen first hand how passionate the people of Sheffield are about supporting what is one of the city’s greatest assets, having attended last year’s charity ball.

As of two months ago, I realised what it means to have a child for whom you will do everything and anything to ensure their wellbeing.

That is why I have agreed to do all I can to urge Sheffield Star readers to help raise £25,000.

The appeal is part of ‘Make It Better Day’ which takes place on Friday 27th June.

ButI am asking the people of Sheffield to start donating, now!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to give the front page over to the efforts of Sheffielders on the day itself, having smashed the target?

Perhaps you’re a business looking to put something back? Let me know and I’ll make sure that any significant donation sees your name in lights for the world to see.

This charity is right on your doorstep. Your child may need its help. Don’t sit back and think others will donate so you don’t have to - give what you can, if you can. Let’s Make It Better!

by James Mitchinson