The Star Opinion: Neighbours from hell

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In today’s paper we highlight the case of a ‘neighbour from hell’ who has caused anguish to those living nearby.

After repeated warnings, advice from the council and offers of support she has been evicted from her home.

It is a sad state of affairs when action like this has to be taken. But it is a decision that cannot have come too soon for those affected by the behaviour.

Our homes are our own private space but that doesn’t mean we have the right to act without thinking of others.

Streets, blocks of flats, neighbourhoods and suburbs would all be nicer places to live if people considered their neighbours’ feelings more often.

The vast majority of people behave well and live in harmony with those close by. It shouldn’t be difficult to do that.

However, there’s always the occasional case – as we have reported today – where one person or family causes everyone else to suffer.

Often it takes a long time for a resolution to be found as the various procedures are worked through by the authorities and evidence is gathered.

There is no excuse for not being a good neighbour and those who aren’t can have no excuses if they suffer the consequences.