The Star Opinion: Job well done by police chief

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AFTER seven years as South Yorkshire’s chief constable, Med Hughes is calling it a day.

What is his legacy? During Med’s time, figures suggest reported crime has fallen. More importantly for him, the fear of crime appears to be lessening.

We live in a time when perception is everything. If the public believe they are safe, the police are seen to be doing their job.

Credit to Mr Hughes. We continue to believe South Yorkshire is a safe place to live and work in.

All this at a time when the police budget is being cut. This is no mean achievement.

But we must heed his warnings of an increase in crime as police forces shrink, unemployment soars, councils slash services and courts allow repeat offenders to remain on the streets.

This is no idle observation - it is a possibility which looms as the cuts bite further.

It seems ironic that a man who has worked so hard tackling the fear of crime should then raise the possibility that crime could get worse.

Nevertheless, the police must be treated carefully. We expect so much of them, but they need the tools to do the job. We hope Mr Hughes’ successor is given a fair chance to continue the police’s good work.

OAPs should be given money back

IT is little short of a scandal that money belonging to residents at a care home has been lost because the company paid to look after them has gone bust.

Instead of the money which went to pay for additional living expenses, such as hair-dos and little luxuries, being held in a separate account, the managers at Abbey Grange poured the cash into their bank accounts.

With the result that when Larongrove Ltd, which ran the home went into liquidation, the residents cash was lost for good.

There are clear guidelines that advise personal money should be kept in a separate account. But it falls short of dictating that it must be done.

There must be legislation to enforce this change. And the relatives of residents who have lost out should have the money refunded from a central pot.

Our creative talent

IT’S the largest show of its kind in the north of England and it’s right here in Sheffield.

Since 1988, The Great Sheffield Art Show has been packing in the punters.More than 4,000 visitors are expected to have enjoyed the show by the time it closes tomorrow, which is a testament to its high standards.

We are fortunate to have so many excellent cultural events in the city and the Art Show is among the best.

Credit to the amateurs and semi-professionals who make this show the success it is. Long may it continue.