The simple trick to get 10 days off at Christmas by using just three days annual leave

Presents under the tree
Presents under the tree
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With summer almost over and Christmas just around the corner it may not be too soon to start planning for the festive season.

Many Sheffield workers may have already used up a good chunk of their allotted annual leave jetting off on their summer holidays.

This leaves them with the unenviable problem of having to make the most of their remaining days off to visit family and friends over Christmas.

But, fear not. There is a way of taking a massive 10 days off this Christmas for people with just three days annual leave left.

This is all to do with when the bank holidays fall in relation to weekends this year.

The final two remaining bank holidays for England and Wales this year are on Monday, December 25 and Tuesday December 26; Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Monday, January 1 is New Year's Day which is another bank holiday.

So, workers only need to book off the three days after Boxing Day to enjoy from Saturday, December 23 to Tuesday, January 2 away from their desks.

For anyone wanting to get a head start on planning their holidays around next year's bank holidays, here is a list of when they will fall in 2018.

Bank Holidays in 2018

Monday, January 1- New Year’s Day

Friday, March 30 - Good Friday

Monday, April 2 - Easter Monday

Monday, May 7 - Early May Bank Holiday

Monday, May 28 - Spring Bank Holiday

Monday, August 27 - Summer Bank Holiday

Tuesday, December 25 - Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 26 - Boxing Day