The Sheffield street with 17 grit bins

Middlewood Drive in Middlewood, Sheffield which has 17 grit bins in its loop
Middlewood Drive in Middlewood, Sheffield which has 17 grit bins in its loop
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This Sheffield street has a staggering 17 grit bins in the space of just 550 yards – highlighted by council chiefs as an example of the haphazard approach to winter gritting in the past.

The Middlewood Drive East loop in Middlewood has an average of one grit bin for every 30 metres.

A council meeting to reduce the number of roads which are gritted heard there had been ‘no rhyme or reason’ previously for why roads were gritted, or which were supplied with grit bins.

In the past bins were simply installed at public request – hence the proliferation on Middlewood Drive East.

Several of the bins on the street are now to go – although the road will still be given precautionary gritting as it forms part of a bus route.

In total, under the controversial winter maintenance review to save £100,000 a year, 400 city grit bins are to be removed or relocated.

Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for the environment, said: “Last week we made a decision about what criteria should be applied to where a grit bin should be placed on streets across the city.

“Over the past few years no criteria has been established, and we have ended up with a situation of having a significant number of grit bins within a short distance.

“For example, along the Middlewood Drive East loop, there are 17 grit bins on that road alone.

“We are currently in the process of applying our newly approved criteria to this road and all others, and this will ensure we have the right provision of grit bins on streets that need them.”

New criteria for grit bins mean they will be located only on roads with known drainage problems, a steep gradient, a bad bend, a junction, sheltered housing, or a school, and on those that are isolated, near traffic signals or a roundabout.

In total 96 miles of roads will be removed from the gritting network.

But Star reader Dennis Frost said removing grit bins was ‘akin to sending soldiers to war without weapons, and then removing bandages’.