The search for Sheffield’s stand-out women

The Sarah Nulty award for creativity. Picture: Chris Etchells.The Sarah Nulty award for creativity. Picture: Chris Etchells.
The Sarah Nulty award for creativity. Picture: Chris Etchells.
Today we are launching the first ever Women of Sheffield awards to celebrate females who have made a difference to others and their city.

We want to shout about our many unsung heroines but also help inspire those who are following in their footsteps.

The unique event, on March 7, will centre on 12 awards honouring women from all backgrounds, neighbourhoods, levels of expertise and ages.

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Dr Helen Sharman award for scienceDr Helen Sharman award for science
Dr Helen Sharman award for science

Every category is named after an impressive figure of their field to not only celebrate the great faces of the past as well as the future.

The Dr Helen Mary Wilson Award for Health is made for those who have dedicated their lives to the health industry. 

Dr Wilson was Sheffield’s first female doctor in 1893. The Star is looking for hardworking females who are working in, or aim to work in the health sector. 

The Elizabeth Parkin Award for Entrepreneurship is the second award open for entries. Elizabeth Parkin was a philanthropic steel owner and businesswoman in the 1720s. We are looking for women with enthusiasm and commitment to the business world which mirrors Elizabeth’s hard-working demeanour and generosity. 

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The Kathleen Roberts award for gritThe Kathleen Roberts award for grit
The Kathleen Roberts award for grit

The Helen Sharman Award for Science will celebrate the female scientists of Sheffield. Helen Sharman CMG OBE was the first UK astronaut to reach space. Science whizzes of all ages should be nominated for this category to get their hard work recognised.

Females with a spark for politics should be nominated for the Winifred Gales Award for Politics. Winifred became an editor alongside her husband at The Sheffield Register newspaper - the city’s voice for the liberal movements stirring in England. She was accused of treason in 1794. We are looking for females who make a difference through politics, whether on a local or national level. 

The Barbara Wragg Award for Charity is for all individuals who have shown generosity towards others in the city. Barbara and her husband Ray won £7.6m on the National Lottery in 2000. The Sheffield couple hit headlines when they gave away £5.5m of the windfall. Help us share stories of fundraisers or volunteers for all causes.

The Dorrett Buckley Greaves MBE Award for Community will go to a community figure and someone who gives back to the world. Dorrett Buckley is the founder member of SADACCA.

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The Marti Caine award for entertainment.The Marti Caine award for entertainment.
The Marti Caine award for entertainment.

We’re looking for people who make a difference in their own world no matter how small.

The Kathleen Roberts Award for Grit is celebrating all women’s true perseverance, strength and resilience. Kathleen was the leading figure in The Star's Woman of Steel campaign. We’re looking for individuals who are achievement orientated and have a real sense of endurance. Those women who never give up.

The Pam Liversidge OBE Award for Engineering will reward females in the sector. Individuals who share qualities with the first female Master Cutler are encouraged to come forward. We want to highlight examples of great engineering in the Steel City.

The Jessica Ennis-Hill award for sport is open to women of all ages and abilities who have shown great athleticism and dedication to the sport industry. The Olympian shone the light for Sheffield as the first British woman to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Lifetime Achievement award.

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Master Cutler Mrs Pam Liversidge in her office at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield .  Picture by Chris Lawton
04 Oct  2011Master Cutler Mrs Pam Liversidge in her office at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield .  Picture by Chris Lawton
04 Oct  2011
Master Cutler Mrs Pam Liversidge in her office at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield . Picture by Chris Lawton 04 Oct 2011

The Marti Caine Award for Entertainment has been launched to celebrate the female entertainers of Sheffield across the industry. The performer from Steel City showed great courage throughout her life and campaigned for a cancer cure.

To award the teachers and education enthusiasts of Sheffield the Mary Ann Rawson Award for Education has been created. Mary set up Wincobank School in 1839 and set up a trust to keep it safe.

The Sarah Nulty Award for Creativity will honour the late director of Tramlines for her dedication to the music industry. All creatives are invited to come forward – whatever the art.

The Women of Sheffield awards will take place at Glide in Attercliffe on March 7, the day before International Women’s Day.  It is timed to link in with a special edition of The Star that will be published on March 8 and delivered into Sheffield schools to show young girls what they can achieve and aspire to. 

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To nominate somebody for Women of Sheffield, please send her name, category nominated for and why she deserves to win, to [email protected]. Don’t be afraid to nominate yourself, either - strong Steel City women should be well known. 


The Jessica Ennis-Hill award for sport.The Jessica Ennis-Hill award for sport.
The Jessica Ennis-Hill award for sport.


Women of Sheffield, raise your voices!

Welcome to a very unique initiative which we are launching in a bid to shine a light on some of the many thousands of Sheffield women who have done incredible things - some with very little, if any, recognition.

We have pulled together a bold list of doers, women who cracked on and made a difference in our city regardless of obstacles. There might be centuries between their birth dates and their lives were worlds apart but they are united by being Sheffield.

I am still always surprised at how many women don't like to 'show off' by telling their own stories which is why we are asking you to nominate your mum, sister, daughter, friend or colleague - because you know just what they have achieved.

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There 12 categories cover absolutely every aspect of life and we are hoping to find women who are only just starting out on their careers, as well as those already at the top.

We also want to acknowledge that successful lives aren't just about work. My most important job has and always be that of being mum, so please don't feel you can only nominate professionals. Women keep the world turning with unnoticed acts of kindness every day and there's absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating that once in a while.

Our winners could be nine or 90, born here, moved here, give up their time for free or earn millions. We just want to show Sheffield that there are stories out there which still need to be told. In doing that we hope children, of both genders, will learn better that what you do in life does not need to be defined by whether you are a boy or girl.

So please email your nominations through as soon as possible and help us to shine at light on amazing people.






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