The same coloured scarf

They came in as New Labour but it was the same story only their caps were back to front.

Carol is no different as she blames all and sundry for the Labour party’s open policy on immigration that has led to today’s problems.

Racism is a knife just waiting to be sharpened and used as a weapon, the real weapons are zero hours policy that allows young and old to be exploited.

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They tinkered with the medical profession and we have todays GPs’ problems.

They decided to put gambling a step forward and machines hit the book making shops. Today kids try to sneak in and women who would never have been seen dead in a betting shop are gambling the family cash away.

Go and talk to Paul, Carol, there must be other spots that are not itching but needs a scratch.

Leave Brexit to those with the skills to take the British public forward who voted with their brains not the same coloured scarf.

Thinking pensioner

by email