The question is: What are we to get in return for our loss?

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Only in Sheffield can we have councillors whining about air quality on estates likeHeeley and Abbydale as well as the super toxic Tinsley, a noxious area where life expectancy has been slashed through lack of forethought and not dropping the speed limit on the M1!

Only in Sheffield do we have councillors bleating about unfairness and the disparity in life expectancy in well-off suburbs such as Whirlow and Dore where I am sure the council believes residents should be taxed to within an inch of destitution to close the inequality with those in highly harmful areas our council favours.

Only in Sheffield do we have council leaderJulie Dore and her cohort standing five abreast with shovels in hand for a photo celebrating destruction of greenbelt that serves a community they class as under-represented by such amenities.

Sheffield needs to wake up and rid itself of Labour. They serve nobody but themselves, lack coherent and cohesive thought processes and planning is nothing short of criminally outrageous!

Now the footings are in on Bowden Houstead, what will be done to compensate local residents for the loss of such a health giving amenity that is free at point of use?

I can’t get exercise walking my dog on the proposed green roof of these new fire-stations? Would the council rather residents who fought this plan became part of the life expectancy disparity and rolled up and died?

What will we get in return? How are you going to make it better?

The six nest boxes and six bat boxes proposed are inconsequential compared to loss of amenity, I myself have installed almost double that amount as well as bumble bee nest tubes and insect habitats. So I ask again “What are we going to get in return for our loss?”

Lee Swords

“Sheffield resident fearful for his life expectancy”