The other side of Page Hall? ‘Toxic fires and utter filth’ say some residents

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Page Hall: a united community on the up, or still an area ravaged by mess and beset by problems?

Well, it depends who you talk to. Since The Star ran this focus on Page Hall last week READ HERE we have been contacted by some residents giving us their views.

In the original piece, residents told us “Life is much better here than before, There are fewer incidents on the streets, there is not as much litter and there is a lot more understanding between different ethnic groups.”

But a letter sent to us by I Wallis took umbrage at this. He said: “Page Hall is a disgrace, and what is even more disgraceful is the council are not only doing nothing about things, they are actually condoning it.

The streets are awash with filth, litter and old broken furniture, rats are everywhere, children play out on streets until 2-3am and cars race round like they’re on Brands Hatch.

“Fighting and loud parties carry on until the small hours, sheds and outhouses have been set on fire too, and throughout it all we’re expected to keep smiling and show tolerance!

Our lives are a misery, people go out during the day just to escape the constant noise, and just for a few hours live in an area that doesn’t resemble a landfill site.

“I have lived in Page Hall for almost 40 years and so did my family, most of who have now passed away, sadly, it is almost a mercy they are no longer here, to see just what a dump the place is the fact that in the year 2016 people are having to live in conditions which should have died out in the early 1900s.

What I would just like to inform you is that things are very far from OK. We the decent, law abiding residents of Page Hall are fed up to the back teeth and beyond of this situation, and even more disgusted by the indifferent attitude of our council and police.”

And this view was backed up by another resident, who told us: “Litter & dumping EVERYWHERE, toxic fires on a regular basis, unsupervised VERY YOUNG kids out in the streets , often until the early hours shouting & singing, broken glass everywhere cars & off road motorbikes speeding around like the area is some sort of speed test facility.”

So which is closer to the reality, or does it lie somewhere in the middle?

Let us know your views - and read the original piece in full HERE