The New Look Grinch at Meadowhall

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I have just returned from a shopping trip to Meadowhall, such a festive experience in almost every corner.

But for one corner of the festivities, there was a blip. Walking around New Look, not one single decoration was to be seen, nor a Christmas song to be heard. It was as though someone had stolen Christmas, it was there just weeks ago, but now, where once were happy festive tunes, there was just Naughty Boy, and other summer dance songs.

Perhaps New Look has had an unfortunate visit from the PCs, and are somehow misguidedly trying to be politically correct and not cause offence to those less inclined to celebrate our traditional holiday values.

Speaking of which, the value-grabbing offers are still available, but without the festive feel.

Like a ticket tout outside a concert, they seem willing to cash in on the event, but aren’t really interested in it themselves.

Is this the New Way of New Look? Cash in on Christmas, but don’t buyinto Christmas?