The Moor market is not paying its way

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I shop at the Moor market, I do not know how the council work out the rent with the stall holders but whoever thought up the layout of the building, to me, did not do a good job.

First they should have large lettering on the front of the building and above that install a public clock, also we need two public clocks, one at each end of the market.

The poultry and fish stalls should have been separate, like the old market.

The cafes are alright, but why are the shops at the side of the market boarded up?

Take them down and extend the market to the right.

Also create a section for the stalls who sell continental foods and other items on Fargate at holiday times.

Also move the information desk to another part of the market and use the central part for some entertainment for the shoppers.

Also there should be an upper floor or galleries.

And lastly they never should have stopped the Freebee bus service, which was vital to the city centre.

Started by the Lib Dems and which cost the market and department stores and shops lost trade.

Also why didn’t they have a fare of 25p or 50p to each passenger?

The council was warned that if they took the Freebee bus off it would have an effect on the trade.

John Jackson