The MoD should get a grip

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THE article on Ben Parkinson was very moving and I had to stop to wipe away a tear more than once. What a tragic state of affairs.

These injured servicemen should want for nothing for what they have done for Queen and country. It’s time to take stock.

We send millions of pounds to other countries who apparently don’t try to help themselves and just wait for handouts and, by the way, we have enough indigenous people doing just that.

Charity begins at home. These heroes deserve better, much better.

My very best wishes go out to Ben and his family who should not have to fight for what should be there for them by right.

The MoD should get a grip.

C Medley, Parson Cross Rd, S6

Dregs of society

It’s about time we had more police in the city centre.

I was shopping on the Moor when I encountered two drunken women and a drunken man, shouting and swearing. They were sparring up to one another. It was disgraceful.

On Angel Street, a drunken youth with a two litre bottle of cider sat on the floor. In King Street, a woman with a can of lager and dangling cigarette vomited outside a food shop, her two male companions thought it was a joke.

I don’t know what the new market area will be like but if it attracts dregs like this, decent people won’t use it.

This shows how low standards have dropped but do-gooders just make excuses for misfits and dregs of society.


Gardening Tories

Tories often tell us how they allegedly care about the town centre. I beg to differ.

Has anyone seen the mess the garden is in at Rother Valley Conservative HQ, 22 Stanley Street, Rotherham? It’s an overgrown shambles. This garden and front of house appearance is the worst on Stanley Street and the adjourning Mansfield Road.

If the ‘Nasty Party’ were so keen to give the town that feel good image the Labour Party has been working hard to do, wouldn’t it start in its own back yard? Literally!

If we can’t trust the Tories to do the gardening, why trust them with our NHS?

PJ Cawkwell, Conisbrough

My son is an addict after starting on cannabis

HOW can Peter Reynolds from Cannabis Law Reform say that cannabis is not a dangerous drug?

My son started taking cannabis as a ‘recreational drug’ when he was 17.

This then led him on to cocaine and heroin.

He is now 26 years old and has been on methadone for six years.

I have watched him change from an intelligent, handsome young man, with good career prospects, into somebody who is unemployable with no interest in his future.

He receives incapacity benefit, along with thousands of other users, therefore keeping down the Government’s unemployment figures. No wonder they keep them on methadone for so long!

Mr Reynolds must live in Cloud Cuckoo Land if he thinks that a large number of users grow cannabis for medicinal purposes.

It is mainly grown purely to make money and to drag more decent but impressionable youngsters into a lifetime of hell.

I applaud The Star and South Yorkshire Police for highlighting this problem and the judges for handing out reasonable sentences.

Let’s have an even bigger purge on this evil substance before we have even more paranoid kids ruining their lives.

Name and address supplied

He’s feeling no pain

david Cameron tells us to pay off our credit cards and our debts to help the economy as we are all in it together.

Is he taking the Mick?

He says he understands the pain we are all suffering but I doubt it. He’s worth an estimated £30 million so he’ll be feeling no hardship like we are all feeling.

Jayne Grayson

Change the rules

The long drawn out, ineffectual complaints procedure to large social landlords about their tenants needs reviewing.

The complaint needs to be directed at the landlord and they should be fined. That way perhaps they will resolve issues quicker and not brush them aside half sorted.


Fossilised trees

I worked on an opencast coal site on Grange Lane in the vicinity of Thundercliffe Grange and wonder if anyone took any pictures of the three fossilised trees where the opencast finished.

M Shaw