The majority seem to be men

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David Cameron is right to say we are full.

If we bring the 20,000 from the camps bordering Syria we can vet them all, so we don’t get any terrorist among them and control who comes into our country.

We can organise safe ships and make sure there are places to live when they arrive.

David Cameron has the right idea and he works very hard, he’s in Syria one day looking at the situation for himself in the refugee camps the next day he’s in Westminster.

Why should Germany tell us to take more?

Germany has made the current situation worst by saying they will all be welcome there but now they say they are full.

The refugees seem to be able to walk miles, fight the police and look healthy.

The majority seem to be men, so why don’t they stop at home and fight for their country?

Although I wouldn’t like to have any of our lads involved in the conflict I’m sure we will be able to help somehow.


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