The mad man with the pram’s journey

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Just to say what a great honour it was for me to start our great city’s Plusnet Half Marathon with my good friends, our Lord Mayor Peter Rippon, Kell Brooks and Howard Webb.

Many people have asked me how I went on, well I started last and I finished last, but as I tell everyone, there are no losers in a race, everyone is a winner.

Here is my version of my race down Arundel Gate, stop, start, high fives to all the kids, can’t see anybody in front of me.

Eventually on Ecclesall Road great crowds as usual, stop, start, high fives to everyone, so many people want to shake my hand, makes me feel very humble.

Pushing the pram against a gale force wind, push 10 yards, get blown back 20. Just before the turn on to Knowle Lane, the leader was coming down Ecclesall Road up Knowle Lane on to Ringinglow Road.

Can’t stand up, never mind pushing the pram against a gale force wind. Anyhow got up to the Norfolk Arms, Radio Sheffield had a few words with me as promised by Mike Tomlinson. One of the volunteers on his bike meets me and takes me through the twisty bits, Brickhouse Lane, Causeway Head, Rushley Road, Limb Lane and back onto Ecclesall Road South.

Plenty of people in cars pipping and shouting, well done John “Tha must be mad” great.

Once again Mike keeps his promise.

An official race car comes in behind me and stays with me all the way to the finish. I feel like I am not last but winning the race.

Thankfully the wind is now behind me, but it can be just as hard trying to hold the pram back down hill on Ecclesall Road with no brakes, “police please note”.

I am still getting a great amount of encouragement from the people still about on the route. A few of the police and marshals on the course who have waited for me come over to shake my hand. Thanks lads, it means so much to me.

On now to the finish and once again I get a great reception from The Run For All team. Thank you so much for making a 76-year-old “mad man with the pram” a star for a day, and a special thank you to the lad on the bike and the lad in the car who looked after me over the last six miles. Thanks lads, hope to see you next year, I will be back.

John “The mad man with the pram”