“The kitchen is the heart of any home”

Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
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Stuart and Daniel Hattersley know that the kitchen is the heart of any home.

As the owners of Sheffield Kitchen Outlet - which supplies around 200 kitchens a month in the region - they’ve seen firsthand how the role of the kitchen has changed and adapted in recent years.

“People don’t just have a little corner kitchen with a few beech units in it anymore, they expect something a bit more special,” says managing director Stuart, who - along with his brother - launched the Sheffield business 12 years ago.

“We’re now putting kitchens in regular homes that, a few years ago, we would have been putting in million pound homes. The kitchen is the entertainment heart of a home, it’s the place everybody congregates to talk, to socialise and we’re really seeing that people want to play to that.

“People don’t go out to drink in pubs the same way anymore, happy hour has come to the home, so people want islands, breakfast bars, built-in living spaces - every kitchen we create is unique, designed just for that person, or that family.”

Sheffield Kitchen Outlet is a manufacturer of quality fitted kitchen furniture, selling to both trade and retail customers. As well as its head office and distribution centre, the company has three showrooms across the city, featuring everything a customer could want to create a custom fitted kitchen, from the very traditional to the incredibly modern, and everything in between. Everything is custom made to order and hand-built in Sheffield.

“We have 55 full-time employees, and 25 sub-contractors - all local - who can handle every aspect of your kitchen; from worktops, furniture, lighting, taps and units, to designers and structural engineers,” said Stuart.

“People come to us with a vision of what they want. We go out and visit them at their home, look at the space, get a design brief and take a full survey of the kitchen.

“For a lot of people now, this isn’t a small job, there are walls being knocked down and extensions being built - whatever it takes to create this space that they’re picturing.

“We can have a kitchen turned around in as little as two weeks now, but it totally depends on what you’re looking for. In a lot of cases, it’s the building work and that process that takes time. Plus if people are wanting lots of little bespoke touches, that can take time too. But it’s worth the way to get exactly what you want.

“We do get some customers who have very specific ideas and want to push the boat out, and out job is to make the vision in their head a reality.”

And the brothers, along with mum Wendy, who is the company’s finance director, have a strong vision of their own for the future of Sheffield Kitchen Outlet.

“Business is booming,” confirmed Stuart.

“In the past five years the market has completely changed and we’ve been so busy. Our number of employees has trebled in that time. The next step for us is focusing on growing the business even more, and we’re already planning a move to Leeds next, with another branch. It’s exciting times.”

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