‘The Immortals’ run summer of activities

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South Yorkshire group ‘Young Addaction’ are developing a series of activities open to local young people over the summer.

The Barnsley group is hosting the activities as part of ‘The Immortals’ project - which brings together young people who are passionate about sharing safe alcohol and drugs messages with other teenagers. Originally established in 2012, the project arranges fun nights out and activities for other young people with the key message: ‘You don’t need to drink to have a good time.’

‘The Immortals’ has now received further funding from Barnsley Area Council Youth Programme to deliver a programme of activities in this summer, including live music, and dance, sports or arts-based activities. So far this year, the project has already hosted a series of ‘get active’ events involving football matches, ‘try-boxing’ experiences and free gym sessions.

Project manager Tom Driver said: “All these activities have been suggested by the young people and they themselves organised many of them, which fits perfectly into the Immortals ethos of giving teenagers a supportive environment to manage their own projects.”

The Immortals love to hear from anyone from aged 13 – 19 who would like to join in and help plan activities. Call Tom on 01226 705980 for details.