The heartbreaking story of poor Isaac

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The horrific killing of the poor little dog Isaac must be one of the worst animal cruelty cases I have ever read about and one which has sickened all animal lovers like myself.

It is a sad fact that animal cruelty is on the increase as indicated by the statistics issued annually by the RSPCA and. unfortunately, I cannot see this changing until there is an adequate deterrent in the form of long prison sentences for those who illtreat animals.

In this case a man was arrested and released on bail but as yet no one has been charged.

The evil person who has committed this appalling act of cruelty needs to be locked away for a very long time as they present a serious danger to both animals and human beings as surveys have shown, both in this country and the USA, that many serial killers have first performed acts of brutality, torture and violence upon animals before moving on to humans.

It is heartbreaking to learn that poor little Isaac met such a horrible death at the hands of a sadistic monster when he had given so much affection and comfort to his owner after he suffered a mental breakdown.

Let us hope that Isaac’s terrible ordeal hasn’t been in vain and that some good can come out of this awful case by prompting changes to the law to ensure more severe penalties are handed out to those who cause pain and suffering to innocent animals.

At the present time the maximum six months prison sentence is ludicrous as we need to see the punishment fit the crime, and I hope more and more people will sign the online petition calling for ‘zero tolerance on animal abuse’.

Susan Richardson