The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and that disgusting stench!

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Recently I came across instances of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. For, as I left the bus in Stannington close to the Health Centre, I was impressed by the way two lads in their early teens were watering the bedding plants around the War Memorial (from a water barrel on a trolley they had pulled along to the Memorial Garden).

However, as I turned the corner into the Church yard I caught the distinctively “Bad” smell of cannabis being smoked, and this in sanctified ground! Yes, a group of five or six mid-teen lads were openly smoking ‘pot’ in a sacred place!

“The Ugly?”, you may well ask, was the fact that these lads were sat on a memorial bench that someone had donated in memory of a loved and respected one. Talk about insulting the dead!

I’m sure in the majority of cases the youth of today are more like the lads tending to the plants, rather than like those idiots destroying their own lives before they’ve even had a chance to begin them and in the process upsetting all good, law-abiding people.

I feel so sorry for the police (and social workers too) who are swimming against the tide relating to the outlawing of smoking and possession of cannabis.

To my mind the stench from this vile weed is horrendous and makes life so, so unpleasant for those having to suffer from that disgusting smell when it is ‘lit up’ – and boy, does the stench linger afterwards too!

What is the answer?

Any ideas, as I’d like to know.

Geoff A Evans