The genie and the Owls fan

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I HATE to kick anyone when they’re down, but...

This Sheffield Wednesday supporter is digging in his garden when he unearths an ancient lamp. He rubs it to clean off the dirt and a genie appears, with the following conversation.

Genie: “Master, I am the Genie of the Lamp, I can grant you any wish you desire.”

Wednesdayite: “Gee, thanks, I’d like to visit my sister in Australia, but I’m afraid of flying. Could you build me a bridge to Sydney so I could drive across?”

Genie: “ Master, that would take millions of tons of steel, concrete and bricks. Are you sure there is no other wish you desire?”

Wednesdayite : “Well, I’d like to see Wednesday win the Premier Division championship and the Champions League.”

Genie: “Hmm, about that bridge...”

(For Owls fans: it’s just a joke, could easily be adapted to read Sheffield United gardener - and just as likely).

Ron Humberstone, Ecclesfield