The future’s not Rosie

Helen: Unhappy ending
Helen: Unhappy ending
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I feel sorry for Helen Flanagan.

I do.

She didn’t get what she so naïvely bargained for in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

The lass expected a Rosie reception from other D-listers and the public (A. because she looks great in a bikini, B. because she was a soap star and C. because she’s got big boobs. In her world, that’s all it takes).

So very bravely, she went without makeup and hairdos and exposed her spots and her fake tan faux pas. But all she earned was derision left, right and centre.

Has she boosted her career? Unlikely. Helen’s bravely puffing out her chest, though: “I used to have really bad anxiety, but after being among cameras 24/7 for over two weeks I could not be any more confident. “Everyone has seen me for who I am,” she chirps.

Yep. And that’s the problem, love. We’ll never forget the real you.