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I have just read an article regarding home monitoring written by Steve Ellis. I have then checked out the web site, and found these discrepancies.

The first is that Cheryl Stevens of Jonnie Johnson fails to mention that the prices she quotes do not include VAT and this applies to every one unless you are chronically sick or disabled.

There is also a set up fee of £96 which in my opinion most elderly people would opt for.

My reason for writing to you is that my mother had Alzheimer’s and we used the Care4You service and had to pay at first until she was deemed eligible for a free service.

And the service they provide was excellent including the hard and dedicated carers who are also part of the Care4You service.

As is usual these days the workers that provide the front line service are not given the praise they deserve.

My point being that, had my mother not have had her family around to help with all the information provided, my mother would have had no idea about all the extra costs (VAT and set up costs etc.)

Therefor a lot of elderly people would appreciate the full picture regarding the full costs and that was not the case in this article.

They would then be able to make a more informed decision.

Michael Johnson

by email