The full list of aircraft taking part in Mi Amigo memorial flypast over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield

On Friday February 22 2019 10 British and US aircraft will take part in a flypast over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield to mark the 75th anniversary of the crash of the American bomber Mi Amigo.

Thursday, 21st February 2019, 13:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st February 2019, 13:07 pm
The flypast will mark the 75th anniversary of the crash of Mi Amigo

This is the full list of the aircraft that are scheduled to take part.

The flypast marks the 75th anniversary of the crash of Mi Amigo
The huge refuelling aircraft will be taking part. (ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images)
Two RAF Typhoons will roar over Sheffield. (Photo by Tim Ireland/Getty Images)

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This distinctive aircraft will also be taking part. (Photo by Dennis Taylor/USAF/Getty Images)
The flypast is taking place thanks to a successful campaign led by Tony Foulds. (Danny Lawson/PA Wire)
Four US F-15 Eagles will fly in a 'missing man' formation. (KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)
This vintage World War Two plane will take part
This large transport plane will be part of the flypast. (Photo by USAF)
The F-15 has been in service since 1976. (GENYA SAVILOV/AFP/Getty Images)
An RAF Typhoon in a flypast over Derwent reservoir to mark the 75th anniversary of the daring Dambusters mission . (Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)
The MC-130 will make for an imposing sight in the skies over Sheffield. (Photo by U.S. Airforce/Getty Images)
A B-17 like the one which crashed in 1944. although some B-17s are still airworthy they won't be taking part in Friday's flypast. (Getty Images)