The first Christmas decorations have gone up at Meadowhall and opinion is split

Meadowhall Christmas decorations - Credit: Martin PooleMeadowhall Christmas decorations - Credit: Martin Poole
Meadowhall Christmas decorations - Credit: Martin Poole
It seems that the Christmas season is well and truly upon us as the first decorations have gone up at Meadowhall.

We're still only in October but the festive decorations have already appeared in the shopping centre.

Shoppers have been busy uploading pictures of the decorations onto Twitter and Facebook and it's safe to say that opinion is split.

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Martin Poole uploaded a picture of one of the decorations to Facebook.

The picture shows white stars hanging down from the ceiling, while another shows more hanging white stars but in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Martin posted: "I take it no Christmas Tree hanging down this year at Meadowhall ???"

Some people responded to the picture saying the decorations were 'pretty' while others were slightly less enthusiastic.

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One shopper described the decorations as 'very boring' while another said it was still too early for 'all the trimmings'.

A Christmas tree is usually put up in Meadowhall's car park but this has not yet appeared.

The decorations being put up follows on from tickets for Meadowhall Christmas Live going on sale earlier this month.

Tickets for the Christmas party, headlined by Craig David, were all snapped up by excited customers eagerly anticipating the November 8 event.