The fable of Robin Hood

I wish to respond to WK Murphy's letter of September 3.

Everyone knows Robin Hood is a fable, legend or whatever.

Even so, there are people attempting to find if he really existed or not.

It is a fact there are people in this world who will cheat other people out of their rights.

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A certain yacht owner recently was accused of this same thing(allegedly).

Charles Dickens, our greatest storyteller of all time, was the scourge of Victorian society.

I would encourage WK Murphy to send more emails to The Star and complain or make comments about the life we live in and give examples fact or fiction.

Next time I hope he, (or she), gives his, (or her), address.

He, ( or she), might be my next-door neighbour.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60