The ‘don’t fall ill’ travel cover

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A HOLIDAYMAKER has been left stunned after a trip to an eye specialist voided his travel insurance for all his medical conditions.

Alan Frost was discharged for a minor eye problem by a consultant in March.

But when he renewed his annual holiday cover in May, Insure and Go said it would no longer cover his arthritis or slipped disc should they flare up while away.

And when he developed a kidney stone in June, the firm said it would not cover him for that either.

Alan, aged 61, of Chapeltown, said: “They seem to reserve the right to just about get out of anything that you might claim for.”

An Insure and Go spokeswoman said many conditions were related even if it wasn’t obvious.

She added: “We try to offer cover for as many medical conditions as possible, and we are always trying to expand the number of conditions which we can offer cover.

“However, unfortunately in some cases this is not possible.

“We will call Mr Frost to explain.”