The Diary: We all do it...

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We all do it...

Drop clangers, make howlers and malapropisms as we go about our daily doings.

But one man has started writing a book – or rather it’s writing itself – of conversational gaffes and literal lunacy that he’s heard or in some cases said himself.

Boxing trainer Glyn Rhodes runs the gym at the old Burton Street School site in Hillsborough and he’s amassed 33 pages of what he calls his Stupid Book.

They’re all in there, boxers and their girlfriends, mums and dads, lads at the gym and even one esteemed boxing writer and Star assistant editor Bob Westerdale:

“I was going to Florida to watch Clinton Woods fight for a world title a few years ago,” said Bob. “I was trying to ask Glyn if he was coming over to watch the fight and I said: ‘Glyn, are you going to Tampa with me?’

“I realised as soon as I said it, that I’d made a gaffe, although it was pretty clear from the way Glyn was falling about laughing and asking for the Stupid Book.

Former Clinton Woods corner man Glyn, who was awarded the MBE earlier this year for services to boxing in the community, thinks that boxers concentrate so hard when they’re in the ring that they might just lose concentration when it comes to expressing their inner thoughts – though that doesn’t explain Westerdale’s wobbly.

“Every day someone says something stupid in the gym and we say: ‘Get the Stupid Book,” said 54-year-old Glyn.

“There are a lot of clever people in that book saying stupid things, I reckon I must have been collecting them for about 10 years now.

“It started where we would write them on the gym wall. But the wall got full and we had to decorate so I transferred them to the book – then there’s the ones we have forgotten, plus the ones on loose bits of paper and saved in people’s phones.

“The boxers complained at first because they used to read the funny stuff on the walls to take their minds off the pain of training. Boxers like John Fewkes, Lee Edwards and Herol Graham are in there but I think when you’re boxing or training you’re here in body but your mind’s here, there and everywhere and people sometimes think one thing and say another.

“Whatever the reason, it‘s funny.”