THE DIARY: A welcome rest place for the weary, or is it?

Golden Last Pub, Scarborough by Howard Gereaves
Golden Last Pub, Scarborough by Howard Gereaves
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AT FIRST it looks quite welcoming.

Somewhere with a sense of humour where you can switch your shopping brain off for a while and let your other half pick out holiday presents while you have a pint or two.

A man’s holiday heaven? Maybe not.

The awning above the Golden Last pub in Scarborough was spotted by Sheffield historian Howard Greaves as his wife was looking for somewhere safe to deposit him - just kidding there, Howard.

But there is another side to this place as The Diary discovered on entering the watering hole a few years ago for a pint and a live Premier League top-up on TV.

Once you’re inside the place, hoping for a relaxing beverage or two, you notice that the memorabilia on the wall is distinctly partisan.

The red hand of Ulster on the flag outside gives you a clue.

Fanatical sectarian sentiments abound and even for the neutral it’s an uncomfortable yet fascinating experience.

The staff were extremely friendly and obliging on our visit.

You just wouldn’t want to walk there in wearing a Celtic shirt.