The coming elections are a local affair

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How gullible does Mick Gethin think Sheffield folk are? The Lib Dems and Tories may be in coalition in Westminster, but the elections on May 5 are for the local council. He hasn’t just ‘got it wrong’, he’s trying to stir things up.

His previous letters and his Facebook page make his political views perfectly clear. It may have escaped his notice, but the Lib Dems have been in coalition with various parties in recent years. He may as well suggest that a vote for them in East Ecclesfield, Chapeltown and Parson Cross is a vote for the Scottish Nationalists or Plaid Cymru!

Most people I know recognize that Labour mismanaged the local council in recent years. They let the officers run rings round them and wasted large sums of public money on projects like Burngreave New Deal without proper scrutiny.

They also threw money at their ‘favoured areas’, depriving the Southwest of funding. In contrast, the Lib Dems took control of the officers and pushed through a number of worthwhile schemes to benefit all. They have also saved essential services, keeping job cuts to a minimum and frozen this year’s council tax.

Labour refused to produce a pre-election budget, so no-one has any idea what voting for them means. Evidence suggests a slash and burn policy to pump money back into favoured areas, shutting leisure centres, libraries and Sure Start centres, like other Labour councils, but your guess is as good as mine.

CB, S1