The City Hall dance: a poem

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I wanted to fulfil my dream

Which surely was in God’s own scheme

You know the one who weaves with silver and gold

Our lives our futures to unfold

My dream was to dance with a partner sublime

But where would I find this man of mine?

I thought I would have a ghost of a chance

If I tried my luck at the City Hall dance

After one or two who trod on my toes

And three or four who God only knows

Why they thought they could be

The all-singing, all-dancing one for me.

I thought I’d found the man who dances and sings

We would have walked to what the future brings

But the man I chose, if I may say

His dancing feet proved to be made of clay

Will I ever find my perfect soulmate

Or will I have to wait for fate

Is it Sod’s law that I will by chance

Find my soul mate at the City Hall Dance.

Maureen Taylor Vicar Lane Woodhouse