The bishop and the pop star...

Pop star: Lily Alllen
Pop star: Lily Alllen
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The Bishop of Sheffield is getting down with the yoof to put across a strong message about all that is wrong with our social values.

He’s quoting the clever social commentary delivered as a chart-topping pop song by Lily Allen in bible study class.

Good for her. She’s proved that pop songs don’t have to be about love, sex, loveless sex and no sex and no love. They can also be poems and make incisive social comment - as folk songs were doing long ago.

The Fear, which starts with the words “I want to be rich and I want lots of money” says it all about today’s ‘I want money and fame, I want it now and I don’t care how’ culture.

Which she says a whole lot better than me in her sarcastically-delivered, quirkily rhyming lyrics on modern life being all about film stars and less about mothers.

And good for the Bishop for asking for Sheffielders to listen to Lily’s song - an expletive-free version, naturally - as part of their five-week Easter preparation Bible study course.

The Right Reverend Dr Steven Croft is going the right way about making Christian studies appeal to younger people - Lily’s generation.

The very same generation maturing with the X-Factor as their high church and Cheryl Cole at the altar.