The best universities for student nightlife

Student nightlifeStudent nightlife
Student nightlife
The north has the best nightlife, according to a nationwide survey of university students.

And Sheffield Hallam was rated among the top places to study - if you enjoy a break from the bookwork

The major poll of 11,000 undergraduates by consumer group Which? revealed the top universities in the UK for nightlife, sports, student unions, plus politics and creative scenes.

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The findings revealed that 11 of the 19 unis that scored highly for nightlife were in the North or in Scotland.

Northumbria and Newcastle universities were the two highest scoring universities for nightlife whilst SOAS, University of London, was ranked as the most political.

Falmouth University, University of the Arts London and Norwich University of the Arts were rated the most creative.

Alex Neill, Which? director of campaigns and policy, said: "There are many factors to consider when deciding where to go to university, so hearing how current students rate their university, on everything from nightlife to the political scene, can be really useful."

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The survey also revealed the University of East Anglia, University of Edinburgh, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield as the best all-rounder, scoring highly in all categories surveyed.

Leeds University was the highest rated university for the most active student unions and Loughborough University the most sporty.

Mr Neill added: "It's always worth taking some time to consider all the options and do some research into what each university offers you before you make your decision."

Top 2

Newcastle University

Northumbria University

‘Best of the rest’

University of Liverpool

University of Leeds

University of Sussex

University of Manchester

London School of Economics

Liverpool John Moores University

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of Bristol

Nottingham Trent University

University College London,

University of Strathclyde

University of Glasgow

University of Sheffield

Cardiff University

Glasgow Caledonian University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Sheffield Hallam University

Swansea University

Edinburgh, East Anglia, Leeds, Sheffield and Glasgow top 5 overall

Original research here: Top Unis for nightlife: Which? University Student Survey 2016NB: Durham in the top 4 for sport, Sussex top 4 for political