The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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Sheffield United’s search for goalkeeping consistency remains a hot topic on the web.

Sabella the fella, asks on : “Why wait for 14 games to replace a keeper who is clearly not good enough? He’s cost us around 8 points so far...should not play for us again. Long is one for the future but is not the answer at the moment, we need to get a keeper asap. Imagine Simonsen in front of Wendys Kop with balls being pumped into the yard box...”

Captain_Blade, on Bladesmad, says it’s wrong for United fans to barrack Simonsen. “We shouldn’t single him out for any sarcastic cheering or stick. Nor any player for that matter. But Wilson was right to drop him for Long. If the coaching staff have any sense they will tell him that he’s ‘just on a bit of a bad run but to keep working hard.”

Meanwhile Wednesday fans expect their 320-mile round-trip to Wycombe to be anything other than a joy ride. “Wycombe won’t be easy at all they’ve already beaten Charlton and United” JohnSwfc posted on “We’ve got enough to beat them. Lowe will be the key; he’s played against them last season and knows what to expect.”

Meanwhile Helmut Rooster posts on Owlsmad: “A Song For Madine: ‘Are you Rooney in disguise?’ Genius then buffoon.”