The best of this week’s sport on the web by Richard Fidler

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The weekend results saw Sheffield Wednesday move within a point of Sheffield United.

And that was a gift from the Gods for Heavenly Owl on “Great result. A 100% home record, Madine on 9 goals, sitting 7th on 19 points with 4 other teams, Blunts crashing at lowly Wycombe, Lowe and O’Grady returning from injury, all heating up nicely for the derby. The beer will taste good tonight!”

Football fans are merciless when it comes to rubbing it in - just read what UTO1 said on the same thread: “They lost to a team that was 3rd bottom and hadn’t won for 5 league games. Now we’re one point behind them. At least we Owl fans can still come on (star website) after we’ve suffered a defeat. Mind you the 10,000 or so blunt fans that went away to watch Yorkshire’s biggest club will no doubt still be finding their way back to Sheffield! LOL. Wilson out, bring on the car park protests.”

An impartial fan got fed up with the crowing. awreetthen posted: “Oh mighty Sheffield football! The fowls beat Exeter. The city where only 15 people have football boots. The Blunts lose to Wycombe where sychronised swimming attracts more supporters -and yoyos come on here spouting about big teams and super wins. For those who have forgotten this is Division 3 we are talking about. Perhaps sniping at each other is all that is left.”

Pragmatic Blades fan Snakebite has the last word: “Strange day, I thought we played ok but just didn’t get the result, oh well never mind...”