The beauty to be found in city’s steelworks

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I MUCH enjoyed Trevor Lodge’s article on steel works and the Grimesthorpe gas works, titled ‘Art of the steel works’ (Jan 27).

But I have one small disagreement

He says that the big black functional sheds that covered the Don Valley possessed ‘no architectural merit’.

This view depends upon the architect!

Of course they were/are functional, but didn’t Magna in Rotherham get an architectural award when it took over the huge Steel Peach & Tozer melting shop?

A few years ago, Mr Don Vogelsand, who was later buried with full US military honours at Intake Cemetery (as reported in The Star on November 6, 2009) told me he liked the view of Firth Rixson and Sheffield Forgemasters’ sheds from Wincobank Hill.

This was because he said it reminded him, when he was a young man before his military career, of looking down at the big brooding sheds of US Steel in Youngstown, USA.

It’s good to see that the part of Forgemasters facing the Arena has been nicely repainted - black, of course - with Sheffield Forgemasters in bold red and white letters, plus white rose emblem.

Don Alexander, Knab Road, S7