The amount seems small

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YOU said that Sheffield schools spend nearly £4 million a year on supply teachers. Having ascertained that there are 135 primary schools, 24 secondary schools, 12 special schools and a sixth form college (total 172) which, when divided by £4,000,000, equates to just £23,255 per school. In the scheme of things this is very little outlay per school per year.

Carol Stenhouse

A moral step

Maybe the Lib Dems should have demanded the necessary moral step forward in abandoning Trident. That way everybody in Sheffield could have kept their jobs, the students needn’t have paid any tuition fees, Forgemasters could have had a subsidy and there would still be tens of billions left to pay off the debt.


Well done to all

Charnock Health, in White Lane, Gleadless has introduced a repeat dispensing system by sending a whole year’s worth of prescriptions to the chemist. Patients can collect as needed saving time and money all round. Well done to all.

E B Warris, S14

Wonderful care

The person who wrote about Care4You changing carers should be glad she has this good service. If you have to go to a private company, which a lot must do, you’ll have something to complain about. Care4You do a marvellous job, whoever the carers are.

Mrs Anne Taylor