The 1984 strike key events

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Miners’ strike and its roots

1972 - First pit strike in 50 years over pay and working conditions.

1974 - Miners strike again. Prime Minister Ted Heath calls General Election - and loses.

1981 - Thatcher bows to pressure from unions and calls off proposals to close 23 pits

1984 March 4 Plans announced to close Cortonwood Pit, near Barnsley. Yorkshire miners walk out.

March 6 - Coal Board announces proposed closure of 20 pits with loss of 20,000 jobs.

March 12- Dispute becomes national. 93,000 miners on strike. Arthur Scargill calls for more support.

June 18 - The Battle Of Orgreave at Sheffield coking plant. 5,000 miners fight riot police.

November 1984 - Some miners return to work. Picket-line violence increases.

January 1985 - More miners return to work. NUM sconsiders ending strike.

March 3, 1985 NUM delegates vote by 98 to 91 to end strike.