The 1975’s Matt Healy tells off fans after a fight breaks out at their Sheffield gig

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Thousands of fans packed into the FlyDSA Arena on Friday night to watch as The 1975 put on a spectacular show of their greatest hits. 

Warning, this video contains explicit language. 

Matt Healy wowed fans with a number of crowd pleasers including ‘Give Yourself a Try’, ‘Love If If We Made It’, ‘Chocolate' and ‘The Sound’. 

The crowd belted out the lyrics while cries of ‘Yorkshire! Yorkshire!’ echoed from the stands after Healy declared they were about to see ‘the best ever band from Manchester’.

But, it wasn’t all plain sailing for the indie band. 

Footage of a fight breaking out in the stands during the gig began to go viral on Twitter following the event. 

Matthew Healy of The 1975 (Photo by Ross Gilmore/Getty Images)

Matthew Healy of The 1975 (Photo by Ross Gilmore/Getty Images)

In the video a man can be seen remonstrating with another member of the crowd as he’s held back by friends. 

Eventually, the man is lead away by his friends and the security but not before throwing his drink at the audience member. 

It wasn’t just the fans who noticed the fight breaking out in the stands as Healy exclaimed from the stage: “Oi, no ******* at my gig. **** off!”

Healy’s response went down well with the adoring crowd and on social media.

Holly tweeted: “Id never thought id hear matty tell someone off in autotune.”

Antonia tweeted: “I was stood next to them! Absolute *****. On a positive note look at them vibes Matty and the lads knows how to put on a great show.”

Jordan Logan tweeted: “This is so brilliant hahaha. Give it 2 weeks until it’s on a t-shirt.”