Thatcher and cronies to blame for pensions

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BT of Chesterfield complains about her pension.

Well, if BT wants to discover the roots of the attack on the state pension she needs to look no further than Margaret Thatcher and her cronies.

In 1980 Thatcher’s Tory party broke the index link between the State Pension and average earning resulting in many pensioners being thrown into poverty. Labour reintroduced indexing linking to the Retail Price Index only for Clegg and Cameron to link it to the lower Consumer Price Index.

Pensioners have worked all their lives and deserve a comfortable retirement. More needs to be done to help them.

However, as a supporter of Thatcher it is rich of BT to complain. Did you complain about the plight of pensioners in the 1980s or were you happy to take the tax cuts paid for by money taken from pensioners’ pockets?