That surely is a joke

A letter published in Friday's Star described the current Sheffield United team as one of the best in many years.

I don’t doubt that but then it went on to say that Duffy, (a cast-off from Burton, who was thought not good enough for the Championship), Coutts, (one of the worst players ever to play for United, according to their fans last season), and Fleck, are as good as any in the Championship. Come on, that surely is a joke?

The other letter was on United stats, but Shaun just can’t concentrate on his own team, can he?

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Seems to have an obsession with Wednesday as most Blades have and if you don’t believe me just check out the message boards for each team and you will see I am correct.

Pete Gee

by email

I’ve nothing to fear

More shootings in Sheffield this weekend, always shocking to hear.

It’s frightening to think people have got their hands on the triggers of these killing machines.

Do I feel unsafe in my city?

To be honest I feel as safe as I always have.

I live a pretty usual life, all the mundane things you do to get through the days.

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When these incidents occur it’s usually because all these people are known to each other, it’s the worlds they live in.

I think the rest of us in this city have nothing to fear.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Blair needs to butt out

So Tony Blair is the latest “remoaner” to declare that the voting majority cannot be trustedon Brexit and we should be given the chance to “change our minds”.

Fine, bring it on, and if the vote is reversed from 52 per cent in favour of remaining in the EU, will that be the end of it?

He thinks so, but perhaps we should have another vote after that in case we didn’t know what we were voting for and so we can have the opportunity to change our minds again.

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I notice he wasn’t too fussed about letting us change our minds when he was voted to power in 1997 and what a useless idiot he turned out to be.

Perhaps before he makes his way back to his country estate in leafy Buckinghamshire, he should take some time to think of the people of Boston, Lincolnshire who voted to leave the EU, by a staggering 75.6 per cent, no thanks to his unwillingness to realise the huge influx of EU nationals was going to cause problems.

He has even stated that he doesn’t regret opening the floodgates to millions of migrants. That is big of him.

I would like to remind Tony that in his old stomping ground in the north east, there was a strong cry for Brexit.

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Perhaps he should crawl back to one of his many multi-million pound houses and forget about his ambition of been EU President one day, as let’s face it, this is what he is most bothered about really.

And as for the rest of the MP remoaners, particularly those Liberal Demo-Prats such as Nick Clegg, I would like you to try a little experiment.

Get on a bus and make your way to Page Hall in Sheffield. I’m sure you have heard of it. Once a decent suburb of Sheffield, and certainly no stranger of immigration, which has suffered terribly by mass immigration for Eastern Europe in recent years. An area that has gone downhill more or less overnight.

Nick Clegg would have been less than accommodating if these migrants had made their homes in his affluent Hallam constituency.

But I suppose out of sight out of mind.

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These rich luvvies are more concerned by a few trees or whether their local supermarket sells organic quinoa, than what goes on in the real world.

Spend a few hours in Page Hall, or Grimesthorpe, which is closer to where I live and reality would soon set in.

So before you try to persuade the majority that they were misled, remember that we were informed by Vote Leave, Vote Remain, most MPs and even David Cameron that a vote to leave the EU was a vote to leave the Single Market.

You can’t get much clearer than that and if we are to get what we voted for, then we need to see this through and build a better and stronger relationship with the EU.

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Not only will this be good for the UK but for the EU as well.

But try to reverse the vote and the whole idea of democracy goes down the drain.

We were told the result would be respected and apart for the Government, I have yet to see that.

And believe me, that lack of respect for the majority will not be forgotten for a long, long time.

Matthew Hobson

by email

Part of the community

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It was once said that it was important for a football club to be part of the community, I question whether Sheffield Wednesday are?

I recently attended a dinner organised to raise funds for local charities where Kevin McCabe was the guest speaker.

Sheffield United and Sheffield Steelers had donated quite a few items to be auctioned off including signed shirts, footballs and use of an executive box, with the funds going directly to the charities.

I was interested to know why there was nothing to bid for from Sheffield Wednesday and was informed they had been approached but no reply was ever received .

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I decided to write myself to the club for a response and I too received no reply, I even prompted them again with a reminder a month later.

It’s not the first time since the current owners took over that I have written to the club about an issue but for some reason they never respond.

Bob Hull

by email

Just what is a kick shot?

Watching snooker onTV as I very often do, I would like someone to explain to me just what a “kick” is?

It appears to me that a kick is purely and simply a lousy shot that should and could have been played better by a professional snooker player.

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What’s more is that the commentators all agree – not surprisingly of course as they are all ex players and therefore will all have “kicks”, or as I call them play lousy, at one time or another.

John Vintin

by email

Is this new rallying cry?

Front page February 16, “Rallying Cry”.

Page 13, same edition, “Let’s Go Backwards Together”.

Is this the new rallying cry?



Big O tribute at City Hall

On Thursday, March 23 the UK’s leading Roy Orbison tribute artist Barry Steele returns to Sheffield City Hall.

This is Barry’s 10th Anniversary tour and as usual will include all the Big O’s greatest hits backed by a very talented group of musicians.

All fans of the Big O will enjoy an excellent evening’s entertainment.

Dean Hopcroft

Handsworth, Sheffield