Thanks for Major trip down memory lane

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Many thanks to Prof Ian Rotherham for his story of The Major Oak in The Star on August 29. It couldn’t have been printed on a better date. August 30 was my 86th birthday, so thank you for my trip down memory lane.

My husband and I were cyclists and Sherwood Forest was a favourite run, although only part of it was open to the public.

We could buy a drink at a wooden hut in the part open to the public and walk to the Major Oak.

In those days we could get inside it and I remember we had a kiss and cuddle inside one Sunday.

I remember four of us inside. Sorry to say I am the only one left.

Jim and I were married 65 years. We were in The Star on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

This year was the second birthday I couldn’t share with him. Thank you for the happy time you brought back to me.

Constance Wheeliker

Newman Road, S9