Thanks a million Mrs P

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Having recently retired after 50 years as a qualified electrician I got to thinking about my sometimes not very productive school days. I was reasonable in most subjects that is untill we entered the maths classes, this was the subject I had no interest in and little time for any of the teachers until a certain Mrs Perry arrived.

Now Western Road secondary school was just minutes away from home, (walking), Mrs Perry in her wisdom decided one way or another that I had the capability to learn this subject and learn I did.

Keeping me in for what seemed like hours,, mom would appear at the classroom door wondering were I could be, then shock horror one evening no mom teacher explained that mom would not rescue me any more until I learned.

Here endeth the first lesson, assuming Mrs Perry is now in the classroom in the sky, I’d still like to say thanks a million Mrs P.

JW Vintin

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