Thank you Mr Strauss

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As an avid cricket supporter I must say well done to Andrew Strauss for telling Kevin Pietersen to shove his bat where the sun don’t shine.

Pietersen for years has had a disruptive influence on the England cricket team purely to enhance his own career.

He has managed to convince some of the greatest of English cricket, including Alec Stewart and one-time director of cricket candidate Michael Vaughan that he is the best thing since sliced bread.

Pietersen has continually thrown his wicket away when he needed to be more responsible with regard to the England team’s overall performance and to add insult to injury contrives to send derogatory text messages about his team captain Alastair Cook to the opposing team (South Africa).

Now I’m not saying that the England team is perfect (it’s harder for some players to lose their place than it was to gain them ie Stuart Broad) but thank you Mr Strauss and good riddance Mr Pietersen.

JW Vintin

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