Thank you for poppy appeal donations

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On behalf of the Royal British Legion (Sheffield central office). Through your Letters page, can I say a huge thank you to the Saville Street Tesco store customers, who just donated money or brought items from me, while I was front of store on my poppy appeal table.

In the 14 days I was there, a magnificent amount of £2,070.44p was raised for the poppy appeal, which surpassed last years record breaking amount. An average of oveer £147.00 per day.

May I also take this opportunity to also thank the people of Sheffield who attended the Armistice Day Service at the Cenotaph on November 11.

In less than a hour of walking round with my poppy appeal bottle and box, I collected £278.00 for the appeal.

I wish I could find a job paying that much per hour! A huge amount in so quick a time.

Many people just simply donated without taking anything, which I was impressed with.

Once again, thank you to the many people of Sheffield who donated to this years British Legion Poppy Appeal.

J Walsh

Ex RN Falklands Gulf Wars Vet