Thank God Margaret Thatcher has gone

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher
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FBS, (November 20), it was Edward Heath who created industrial unrest when he introduced the Industrial Relations Bill in 1970.

It led to strikes by the miners, the power workers, postal workers, builders, shipbuilders and printers.

It was scrapped when Labour returned to power in 1974 but it failed to end the strikes.

It was the Tories who were in power during the three-day week in 1973/74.

It was partly caused by the Arab oil embargo following the Arab-Israeli war which led to a worldwide fuel crisis.

Yes, the trade unions were led by militant firebrands such as Derek “Red Robbo” Robinson at the time of the Winter of Discontent in 1978/79 which helped bring down the Labour government under James Callaghan.

Margaret Thatcher destroyed Britain’s industrial heartlands and working class communities for spite.

Remember the riots in Brixton, Toxteth and other inner city areas?

The superpower summit in Reykjavik in 1986 ended without agreement.

Margaret Thatcher visited Moscow in 1987 after the Reagan administration accepted the Soviet Union’s offer in reducing its nuclear arsenal which resulted in the nuclear weapons reduction agreement in Washington at the end of that year.

It was Mikhail Gorbachev who was credited with ending the cold war.

Thank God the mad old cow is no longer around.

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