Test your brainpower - new college bosses set a challenge

Parents are being put to the test these holidays by managers at Doncaster's new sixth form college.

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 3:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st March 2016, 3:56 pm
Leon Riley, Doncaster New College

As they offer advice about A-level choices in the town’s Frenchgate Centre, the college team members are challenging parents to answer a question in a key subject.

Leon Riley, Principal Designate of New College Doncaster, said: “We were sure that young people from the town would be keen to see how well their parents do at some past A Level questions.”

If you would like to try your luck on a typical question, see if you can answer the following (answers below);

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1 In chemistry, why does a metal such as Aluminium conduct electricity while a non-metal such as Sulfur does not?

2 In physics, if a tennis ball is served horizontally at 30 metres per second and is hit three metres above the ground, how far away from the server does it land? (ignore air resistance)

Work is progressing on New College Doncaster, the town’s only college for 16-19 year olds, with the first brick for the new building due to be laid this summer.

It will be built in Auckley on the playing fields adjacent to Hayfield Lane and will open to students in September 2017.

“New College Doncaster will create a dynamic centre for post-16 learning, supporting achievement, aspiration and progression,” added Mr Riley. “The choices young people make now about their education will have a major impact on their university and job choices. It is important that they get the correct advice to help get them on the right track.”

Parents of year 10 students can visit the New College Doncaster website and register their interest in being kept up to date about the 32 A-levels and vocational courses which will be on offer.

For the latest information visit www.ncdoncaster.ac.uk or follow on twitter @ncdoncaster or on Facebook at Facebook.com/ncdoncaster

Answers to questions:

1 Aluminium contains delocalised electrons which are mobile (free to move), while Sulfur does not.

2 23 metres