Territorial Army recruits learn with the Italians

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Territorial Army soldiers from South Yorkshire are in Italy with local forces.

A new training exercise with the Italian Army, known as Ex Roman Star, is the first of a series of new overseas exercises for the reserves.

TA soldiers will learn how to combine conventional warfare and close quarter combat with modern assault techniques, some of which have been developed during operations in Afghanistan.

Corporal Martin Robinson, aged 48, and Private Graham Dyson, 29, both from Sheffield, were deployed to Afghanistan with the Yorkshire Regiment in 2008/9.

“Joint foreign operations are the way of the future, and the more we do with foreign forces the more we get used to each other,” said Martin.

Graham, a security officer in civilian life, added: “These exercises give us the skills to integrate.”

South Yorkshire TA Corporal Muhammad Abu Qaoud, from Rotherham, and his twin brothers Private Yazan Abu Qaoud and Private Rasheed Abu Qaoud, from Doncaster, are all on exercise together.

Muhammad, a self-employed plasterer, said: “I’d like to do more.”