Terrific 10 reunited after 25 long years in Sheffield pub

The Jones family siblings who haven't all met up together for more than 25 years
The Jones family siblings who haven't all met up together for more than 25 years
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It’s a special event when the Jones clan meet up.

With eight sisters and two brothers in the family, it doesn’t happen too often.

In fact this weekend’s get-together at a Sheffield pub was the first reunion of its kind in 25 years.

“Mum and dad had 10 children in 20 years – they didn’t have much TV back in those days,” said Mavis, who at 76 is the oldest of the siblings.

Mum Eileen and dad Tom may no longer be around, but they are always in the thoughts of the family who grew up in a small house on Dane Street off Brightside Lane in the city’s east end.

And mum was there in a little more than just spirit – her ashes were on the table for the big occasion too.

The other brothers and sisters are Eileen, aged 74, Robert, 72, Linda, 70, Eve, 68, Peter, 66, Jenny, 64, Glenna, 60, Maggie, 58 and Shirley, who is the baby of the family aged just 56.

The reason for the get-together at the Francis Newton pub near the Botanical Gardens was Eileen’s birthday.

She’s the only one of the 10 who doesn’t live in the Sheffield area, having moved to Plymouth when she got married.

It was as well that no other members of the family were invited to the meal – the terrific 10 have 28 nephews and nieces between them, 31 great-nephews and nieces, and six great-great nephews and nieces.

“This is special as when we were young we never had Sunday lunch together – this is the first time we’ve had it all together. Eileen says it’s a bit like the last supper!” said Maggie.

“We do try and get together for weddings, Christmas and other celebrations, and we have get-togethers in each other’s houses, but there always seems to be someone missing.”

In fact the last time the Jones children were all in one place was for an edition of the Kilroy TV show on big families.

Mavis said: “Mum was always proud that even though there were 10 of us, we’d never ever been in any sort of trouble. And we’ve always really got along well together. The younger ones mix well too – for example there’s only 18 months gap between my youngest sister Shirley and my eldest daughter.

“With a big family too there’s always someone there if you need help.”

Life wasn’t always easy in the 1940s and 50s – seven of the sisters once slept in the same room, feeling that their two brothers who shared together were ‘spoiled rotten’.

Where they were brought up is now an industrial estate.

Mavis said: “There wasn’t much money, but in terms of the love and care we received we were millionaires.”