Terriers suffered fatal injuries in canine attack in Sheffield

Yorkshire terriers Poppy and Tyson, which had to be put down after being attacked by a dog off its lead.
Yorkshire terriers Poppy and Tyson, which had to be put down after being attacked by a dog off its lead.
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A SHEFFIELD woman has been left heartbroken after her two beloved Yorkshire terriers had to be put down when they were attacked by another dog which was off its lead.

Tracey Cannon, aged 45, was walking her pets – Poppy and Tyson – on land near to Woodhouse train station when the dogs were attacked by another dog.

Mrs Cannon, a mum-of-three, who has reported the attack to South Yorkshire Police, said she wants the loose dog caught.

She said the dog was being walked by its owner at the time and she fears it could attack again.

She said: “I was walking my three dogs where I always walked them, on a road next to the railway station, which is used by lots of dog walkers, and I saw a man in he distance with a dog off its lead.

“The next thing I knew I could hear him whistling and shouting for it and then I turned around and all of a sudden it was on top of my little ones.

“Tyson tried to stop it from going for Poppy, but the bigger dog had Poppy in its mouth.

“The man with the dog said he was sorry and it had never done anything like that before, but I didn’t realise the severity of my dogs’ injuries then.

“It was only when I took them to the vet the next day that I found out.

“Poppy was in a bad way and the vet said if they didn’t operate she would die – she had a lot of muscle damage from the bites, and when the vet opened her up she had caught some kind of infection from the other dog.

“Tyson also had to be put down. He had a massive gash on his back and was covered in cuts and bite marks.

“It was unfair for him to be put through the extra pain of an operation. He was also pining for Poppy – I bred them and they were inseparable.”

Mrs Cannon said she was ‘devastated’ at losing her family pets.

She said: “I had them from pups - they were like part of the family.

“The man did give me a phone number on the night, but I panicked in all the mayhem and I have lost it.

“He needs to know what happened to my dogs and he needs to do something about his own.”